Cookie Kitchen Catering Inc.

Cookie Kitchen Catering Inc. is a company that is dedicated and have a PASSION for food. Food is one of the things that bring friends & family closer together. Rather it's a celebration or a devastating time. Over here at CKC Inc. we specialize in bringing friends and families closer together with a smile on their face.

Why come home from a hard day of work to cook or gather the family together to go out for dinner??? OR Why waste your time leaving the office when you can stay in the comfort of your own (home or business) in have someone else cook for you without paying for gas or having to tip someone for doing there job. So, have CKC Inc. come out to your home or business in deliver a excellent delightful gourmet meals for you, your family or co-workers with the professionalism of a 5 star restaurant.

Even if it's a dinner for two or a feast for eight,no meal is to small or big for CKC Inc.. All meals are 100% made from scratch(excluding pasta & loaf breads). We cater to the meat lover's all the way to vegetable lover's. We use nothing but the best and fresh ingredients. All meals are prepared with 100% olive oil & 100% vegetable oil. No MSG added to any meals. All produce come from a local farms or market. And all seafood is picked up fresh daily. Even if you are on a special diet,we will make sure you stay healthy.

Cookie Kitchen Catering Inc. is a company that believe in the freshest products make the best food.And over at CKC Inc., we have a PASSION for food.

100% made from scratch

100% olive oil

100% vegetable oil

No MSG added


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